Wireless Internet

Net Vision Communication, LLC maintains a high-speed data network to connect our customers to the Internet with a variety of technologies. Our backbone is a 100% fiber-optic data network configured for redundancy and link protection. Residential services include competitive data rates to cable and DSL providers while offering professional and personalized service that you don’t find with other providers.

Internet customers receive a modem (where applicable) to connect to a computer or a router, either their own or provided by Net Vision for a monthly fee. Commercial offerings include an array of tailored installation services and features such as website hosting, VoIP phone services, VPN termination and more.

We offer Internet service to the following cities:

Aurora, Ava, Battlefield, Bruner, Buffalo, Carsons Corner, Clever, Elkhead, Fair Grove, Galmey, Halfway, Hermitage, Jasper, Lake Pomme de Terre, Lamar, Lockwood, Long Lane, Nemo, Nixa, Ozark, Pittsburg, Pumpkin Center, Republic, Seymour, Sparta, Springfield, Strafford, Urbana, and more!

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