Net Vision Communications is proud to be a representative of both Direct TV and Dish network.

Direct TV – We have a long term affiliation with Direct TV and currently have over 3,000 clients.  We are the only dealer for Direct TV that is certified for MDU (apartments), residential, lodging and Institutional in SW Missouri.

Dish Network – We have a 10 year involvement with Dish Network and are able to offer all business and residential applications for them.

If you are a property manager at an apartment complex we have super price competitive packages and installation methods that will fit your needs.   If you own or operate a hotel or motel we can offer super packages and install a system that does not require a “converter box” of any type in the room.  This will save a lot of time and support issues and also allows you to select only the channels that you want for your clients at affordable rates.  If you are looking for video choices for a hospital, school or college we have special rates for institutions that may be less expensive than your current carrier.  Oh yes, we also do residential installations and might be able to save you some money.